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20' x 40' Auto Pool Cover, Beach Entry

This photo shows a recently built pool jutting out of the bluff above Lake Michigan. It has a mechanical pool cover which actually floats on the water surface when the cover is closed for security and safety.

You can see the above pool uncovered with the normal water level six inches below the deck so that the cover can float on it when closed.

With one mouse click, 5,700 gallons of water come out of a buried tank and flood the pool over the top on all four sides to create a modified "beach entry" type pool. This pool won a 2011 International Gold Medal in the design contest put on by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) our national trade association.

Project Features

  • Auto Pool Cover
  • APSP Gold Medal Award
  • Beach Entry
  • 5,700 Gallon Buried Tank


Type: Outdoor Pool
Project Dimensions: 20' x 40'
Completed: 2010
Number: 22