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75' x 82' Brandywine Townhome, 12' Diving

This pool, completed in 2002, measuring 75' X 82', with a 12' deep diving well and one meter diving board, was built for the Brandywine Townhome Association in Villa Park, Illinois. The pool, designed and built by Carefree Pools, contains 165,000 gallons of water and has a State of Illinois authorized bather load of 476 people at one time.

A couple of photos show the structure under construction, on the day when the pool shell concrete work was being done. Note the extensive grid of 1/2" reinforcing rods at 12" on center each direction.

Toward the end of the day, we see the results of twenty skilled craftsmen, working together to produce our typical "first class" reinforced concrete pool shell. Given reasonable care and annual proper winterizing, this pool should have a usable life of 50 years or more!

Project Features

  • Large 75' x 82'
  • 12' Deep Diving Well
  • 476 People at Once


Type: Outdoor Pool
Project Dimensions: 75' x 82'
Completed: 2002
Number: 21