Carefree Pools, Inc.

26920 W. Burkhart Ln.

Ingleside IL 60041


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20' x 32' Stone Walls = No Fence Needed

Located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, with landscape design by Jacobs/Ryan, both pool and spa are built of monolithic reinforced concrete with an epoxy enamel surface. The pool and spa were built so that the tops of both are approximately 3 1/2 feet above the original grade. The stone walls were then built five feet tall to create a five foot high barrier around the area without using fencing. There is more than 3 feet of fill beneath the brick deck. The outside walls around the area make a comfortable seat at the pool deck side.

Project Features

  • Stone Wall
  • 3.5' Above Grade
  • No Fencing Required


Type: Outdoor Pool
Project Dimensions: 20' x 32'
Completed: 1988
Number: 19