Carefree Pools, Inc.

26920 W. Burkhart Ln.

Ingleside IL 60041


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20' x 50' Award Winning Design

This waterfall was built as part of a Pool/Spa Environment, designed by the Dirsmith Group, Architects. Built in 1978-79 by Carefree Pools, the project shows the beauty that can be achieved with natural stone and excellent craftsmanship. The pool and spa are built of monolithic reinforced concrete and are lined with rustic terrazzo. The deck and coping for the area are also concrete and covered with the same rustic terrazzo.

This pool won our first NSPI International Gold Medal and helped make the waterfall themes we see today throughout the US popular. This photo shows the waterfall and the Grotto next to it, the Grotto being the area where the Spa is located. The next two photos show more views of the Spa and the Levitation Bed.

This is the Levitation Bed, where the bed is approximately 10" deep. The occupant lays on the contoured bed and multiple hydrotherapy jets, critically positioned around the body, gently give a total body massage and float the subject off of the bed.

This spa seating area will accommodate ten people. The seats and steps are shaped in natural weathered edge flag stone. Even though built over twenty years ago, all features conform with the latest specifications of CSPI, ANSI, and NSPI.

One view shows the remainder of the pool from around the corner. All masonry, concrete, plumbing and electrical work for this project was done by Carefree Pools.

Project Features

  • Waterfall
  • Levitation Bed
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Weathered Edge Flag Stone
  • NSPI Gold Medal Award


Type: Indoor Pool
Project Dimensions: 20' x 50'
Completed: 30+ years ago
Number: 14