Carefree Pools, Inc.

26920 W. Burkhart Ln.

Ingleside IL 60041


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12' x 50' Exercise Lap Pool, Silver Medalist

This pool has a triple purpose shape, a long area 12' X 50' for exercise lap swimming, a 20' X 20' play area, and a separate spa. It was built in 1989 of monolithic reinforced concrete with an epoxy enamel interior finish and is an NSPI International Silver Medal Winner. Carefree pools was the design/builder of this project and was responsible for the design, structure, plumbing & electrical work for the pool and spa systems. The builder for this beautiful structure was John Teschky, Inc., see his work at

Project Features

  • Lap Pool
  • Play Area
  • NSPI Medal


Type: Indoor Pool
Project Dimensions: 12' x 50'
Completed: 1989
Number: 6