Carefree Pools, Inc.

26920 W. Burkhart Ln.

Ingleside IL 60041


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20' x 70' Physical Therapy

This pool, built in 1997, serves many uses; exercise, entertainment and physical therapy. The pool is used by a physically handicapped person requiring two hours of therapy in 91° F water every day. Also, everyday other family members use the pool for exercise lap swimming requiring 78° F temperature.

The system design (by Carefree Pools) raises or lowers the temperature 13° F in approximately two hours. This spa is contiguous to the pool shown above, but has a totally separate control and circulation system. Both pool and spa are constructed of formed monolithic reinforced concrete and finished with epoxy enamel. This pool/spa system won an NSPI Special Engineering Award for the temperature controls involved.

Project Features

  • Lap size
  • Spa
  • Quick Heat
  • NSPI Award


Type: Indoor Pool
Project Dimensions: 20' x 70'
Completed: 1997
Number: 4