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The pools and spas which we design are either "Gunite" or monolithic formed reinforced concrete.

The Gunite version:
  • pool walls are 8" of "Gunite" concrete (tests out at 6000 psi)
  • top 24" of wall is 10" thick
  • 1/2" rebar at 12" OC each direction
  • floor is 6" thick
  • walls have a 6" band of frost proof porcelain tile at the water line
  • surfaced with a "Marcite" interior finish (white plaster of white cement and marble dust)
Formed monolithic reinforced concrete version:
  • pool walls are 10" of concrete
  • 1/2" rebar at 12" OC each direction
  • the floor is 6" thick
  • walls have a 6" band of frost proof porcelain tile at the water line
  • finished with multiple coats of Tnemec Epoxy Enamel (also white)
  • over the long haul (ten years or more) will cost less to keep up because of the interior finish

Our equipment systems include:
  • bronze pumps (last 20 or more years)
  • stainless steel high rate sand or diatomaceous earth filters for the pools (15 year warranty)
  • stainless steel cartridge filters for the spas
  • an ozone generator for each system
  • automatic oxidizer and pH control for both pool and spa sanitizer: bromine; pH control for both: sodium bisulfate, i.e. dry acid

In wall controls feature computerized equipment with digital temperature read-outs and an emergency off button with sound alarm for the spa. We often use shell and tube heat exchangers as the heat source for both pool and spa or gas swimming pool boilers. If these choices are not acceptable, we will use electrical pool heaters.

The pool and spa will have a precast concrete coping with a bullnose hand-hold at the front. Both pool and spa will feature in-wall skimmers with equalizers and a six inch high tile band at the waterline. Any racing stripes on the floor will also be tile.

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