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Carefree Pools can service your pool, spa and/or fountain year round. Our years of experience and trained staff can handle mundane and critical maintenance needs alike and need not be a project we completed. Contact Us to discuss having us complete scheduled or as-needed maintenance for you.

Maintenance Tips

Weekly Maintenance

Weather conditions, environmental contaminants and bather load can dramatically change the chemistry of the water within as little as an hour. By checking the chemistry of your pool/spa between service stops you will keep your water clean and clear throughout the summer.

Chemical Check (liquid reagents are the most accurate method of testing)

  • Test for Chlorine - ideal range is between 1-3 pp,
  • Test the PH -  the ideal range is between 7.2-7.6 (balanced PH will keep your chlorine stable)
  • Test Alkalinity - the ideal range is 80-150 (balanced alkalinity prevents corrosion)

Clean Baskets and Check Equipment

  • Clean out the skimmer baskets
  • Clean the Polaris bad or in-floor cleaning debris container
  • Know the operating filter pressure & check it. Filters may need to be cleaned in between service, If you need help with filter service please call the office.

Add chemicals if Needed

  • For automatic chlorinators dial chlorinator to 0. Add CL tabs. Dial chlorinator back up & make sure water is filling canister before closing lid.
  • For chlorine generators dial up or down according to your chemical test readings.
  • Refer to chemical sheet in your test kit for appropriate chemical addition.
  • Distribute chemicals evenly around the pool.
  • Add 2-5 gallons of liquid shock after a party.

Automatic Covers

Protecting Your Investment

On average 65% of the pools and spas that we install include automatic covers. These covers conserve water and chemical usage as wells as save energy. Automatic covers are an investment. To enjoy the benefits and protect your investment there are some simple steps that need to be taken.

  • To prevent the cover from ripping or popping off its tracks all water must be pumped off the cover before it can be opened.
  • Cover pumps will not remove all the water on their own. The additional water on the cover is deceiving -  there is always more water than it appears! The additional water must be brushed/broomed to the pump.
  • Check your cover pump regularly to ensure that it is not clogged with debris.
  • Leaves and debris must be removed form the cover opening. When organic materials from the cover are transferred to the box they create a residue that adheres to the cover and causes contaminants to be dragged into the pool each time the cover is closed. These organic materials are at the root of the phosphate issues that some pools see each season.
  • If you spray your foliage or observe a neighbor spraying, your cover will need to be cleaned. To clean your cover use a soft mop and equal parts Simple Green and water, or call the service department to schedule cover cleaning. 
  • While you are enjoying your pool, check out your tracks and make sure they are not loose and that there are no small pieces of debris caught in the tracks.

The bottom line: a clean and well maintained cover and cover box means a clean pool and a cover that will last.