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Indoor Pools

This pool is located on the 4th floor of the Chicago Langham Hotel, opened in July of 2013, at 330 N. Wabash, Chicago. It is built of stainless steel and lined with Italian glass tile, and is 67 feet long.
This pool was finished in 2007, with building architecture by Marvin Herman & Associates, Chicago. The pool has a mechanical cover to make it secure from very young grandchildren.
Looking back the other way, showing the spa and the entrance from the inside of the pool room.
View of the same pool, with the cover
This pool, built in 1995 for an internationally famous basketball star, includes a "Kiddie Area" in the forefront of the photo for kids four years old and under, and a custom spa in the background on the right side. The "kiddie area" was designed so that it could be removed later when the children grew up. (It has since been removed).
indoor1pool.jpg This pool (left), built in 1997, is in the basement of a magnificent home. It serves many uses; exercise, entertainment and physical therapy. The pool is used by a physically handicapped person requiring two hours of therapy in 91° F water every day. Also, everyday other family members use the pool for exercise lap swimming requiring 78° F temperature. The system design (by Carefree Pools) raises or lowers the temperature 13° F in approximately two hours.
indoor1spa.jpg This spa (right) is contiguous to the pool shown above, but has a totally separate control and circulation system. Both pool and spa are constructed of formed monolithic reinforced concrete and finished with epoxy enamel. This pool/spa system won an NSPI Special Engineering Award for the temperature controls involved.
indoor2.jpg This pool is constructed of monolithic reinforced concrete and lined with ceramic tile. It is an NSPI International Gold Medal Winner, built in 1996.
indoor3.jpg This pool has a triple purpose shape, a long area 12' X 50' for exercise lap swimming, a 20' X 20' play area, and a separate spa. It was built in 1989 of monolithic reinforced concrete with an epoxy enamel interior finish and is an NSPI International Silver Medal Winner. Carefree pools was the design/builder of this project and was responsible for the design, structure, plumbing & electrical work for the pool and spa systems. The builder for this beautiful structure was John Teschky, Inc., see his work at www.teschky.com
indoor4pool.jpg This 14' X 60' lap pool was a design/build project for the Chicago Bears Training Center, built in 1998 of monolithic reinforced concrete and finished in epoxy enamel. It allows two men to swim laps or race together.
indoor4spa.jpg This spa, built in 1998, is one of the two built for the Chicago Bears Training Center, both having special depths and temperature (one hot, one cold) for professional football players. Constructed of monolithic reinforced concrete, they are finished with epoxy enamel.
indoor5.jpg This pool is in the living room of a beautiful home, the home having been designed by Grunsfeld Associates, Architects. As with all properly designed indoor pools, this system includes a heat pump dehumidifier as do all of the other indoor pools which we build.
indoor6a.jpgShown here is the new tile lined concrete spa at the newly rebuilt Soldier Field on Chicago's Lakefront. It features a computerized control system for the temperature, jets, and lighting.
This unit was a Design/Build by Carefree Pools, finished in 2003 just prior to the first home game for the Chicago Bears in the new stadium. There are 10 seating positions, featuring (20) hydrotherapy jets. This unit is similar to that which we built for the Bears at their Lake Forest Training Center, which we finished in 1997.
indoor6b.jpgThis photo shows the inviting hydrotherapy action of twenty jets pushing out 103 degree Fahrenheit water. The spa construction plumbing and electrical systems all agree with the latest directives of the National Electrical Code, the Consumer Products Safety Commission, and the National Spa and Pool Institute, in addition to all applicable codes of the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois.
indoor6c.jpgThis photo shows the complexity of the spa equipment, all operating on 208 volt, three phase power with computerized controls specially designed by us for the Bears and manufactured by ComPool Controls, now a division of Pentair Pool Products. Included are a 1.0 HP Bronze Purex Pump, 7.5 HP Bronze Premier Spring Water Pump, 750 sq ft Stainless Steel Harmsco filter, 18 KW Coates Electric Boiler, 2 HP Roton Regenerative Blower, ChemTrol #230 Electronic Bromine Feeding System, Prozone Ozone Generator, and a custom electronic water level controller by Roman Fountains.
This photo is one of a pool and spa done on a Design/Build basis for a Renaissance Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. The pool is build of "Gunite" concrete and finished in a proprietary plaster called "Diamond Brite", with a special dark blue color made up of crushed blue quartz set in cement plaster.
This photo shows the spa with its' (15) hydrotherapy jets operating. The spa shell was molded from one piece of acrylic faced fiberglass and then completely covered with an off white tile and highlighted with Cobalt Blue trim. The equipment features a 170 sq ft stainless steel cartridge filter, one 5 HP Bronze Premier Pump, one 2 HP Bronze Purex Pump, 18 KW Coates 3 phase electric boiler, ChemTrol automatic ORP and pH balancing equipment, Prozone Ozonator, and safety controls by ComPool.
This close up of the pool shows the deep blue color of the interior plaster, highlighted by the racing lines of Cobalt Blue tile. All aspects of the pool and spa design agree with or exceed the commercial requirements of the codes of the State of Illinois, City of Chicago, the National Electrical Code, the Consumer Products Safety Commission and the recommendations of the National Spa and Pool Institute.
The complexity of the two mechanical systems is evident in this photo, showing the greater part of the pool & spa systems. In this case, the architects for the building allowed ample room to install all of the equipment needed for both pool and spa. The pool system includes a 72 sq ft stainless steel diatomaceous earth filter, a 5HP Bronze Premier Pump, a 24 KW Coates Electric Pool Boiler, and a ChemTrol automatic ORP and pH controller for sanitizing the pool. The electrical supply is all 208 volt three phase, requiring magnetic starters on all of the mechanical equipment.
indoorfalls.jpg This waterfall was built as part of a Pool/Spa Environment, designed by the Dirsmith Group, Architects. Built in 1978-79 by Carefree Pools, this and the next four photos show the beauty that can be achieved with natural stone and excellent craftsmanship. The pool and spa are built of monolithic reinforced concrete and are lined with rustic terrazzo. The deck and coping for the area are also concrete and covered with the same rustic terrazzo.
indoorfalls1.jpg This pool won our first NSPI International Gold Medal and helped make the waterfall themes we see today throughout the US popular. This photo shows the waterfall and the Grotto next to it, the Grotto being the area where the Spa is located. The next two photos show more views of the Spa and the Levitation Bed.
indoorfalls2.jpg This is the Levitation Bed, where the bed is approximately 10" deep. The occupant lays on the contoured bed and multiple hydrotherapy jets, critically positioned around the body, gently give a total body massage and float the subject off of the bed.
indoorfalls3.jpg This spa seating area will accommodate ten people. The seats and steps are shaped in natural weathered edge flag stone. Even though built over twenty years ago, all features conform with the latest specifications of CSPI, ANSI, and NSPI.
indoorfalls4.jpg This view shows the remainder of the pool from around the corner. All masonry, concrete, plumbing and electrical work for this project was done by Carefree Pools.
indoorfalls3.jpg This magnificent indoor pool has a mechanical pool cover, manufactured by Pool Cover Specialists, and a floral design on the pool floor of tiles fired for the job in England. The building designer was McLean, Strassburger, and Associates.
indoorfalls4.jpg This photo is of the above pool with the cover closed. Note that the cover has been painted with the same design as the floor tile on the bottom of the pool. This pool won our sixth International Gold Medal in the 2006 International Design Contest sponsored by our national trade group, the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.
indoorfalls3.jpg An indoor paradise with a vaulted ceiling and waterfall. Building design and aesthetics by the Dirsmith Group, International Architects.
indoorfalls4.jpg A raised separate concrete spa next to the previous pool, with jets and air induction in action.
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